With the nearly half of Americans (46%) unable to come up with $400 in the event of an emergency[1] and communities of color on the road to a median of zero wealth if we maintain status quo [2], it is imperative we do something. But what?

Where Does The Money Go?

How Are We Supposed To Get Ahead?

As we seek to do more with less, the increasing complexity of our financial world can be daunting, if not overwhelming.


What is a prepaid debit card, and does it matter it is not issued by a bank? Does overdraft protection really protect you from overdrafts? Is a car title loan a good option in a financial pinch? Are CDs a good investment?

We would not blame you if just thinking about your finances causes you anxiety, irritation… or tremendous boredom.

What if we made financial empowerment easy and rewarding?

ABC members guide persons and institutions to local asset building programs and services. We create paths for people's training. We reward their good work with certificates that can be used for professional advancement and admiration from friends and family. Membership is free and open to any person or institution who wants to join us. 

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