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Assess a Person’s Financial Wellbeing and Capability

Complete both steps of the Financial Empowerment Roadmap Survey.

Step 1 will help you assess your financial wellbeing and capability, while Step 2 will give you instructions for how to interpret the results.   
Step 1. Completing the Financial Empowerment Roadmap Survey

After you receive the Your Money Your Goals (YMYG) toolkit, please complete the Financial Empowerment Roadmap Survey. It is a 3-part survey that helps you assess your current financial situation: what you know, how you feel, and your experiences. Your answers will then be used in Step 2 to determine what areas you still need to work on in the YMYG toolkit. The system will automatically email you the results, which you will then interpret in Step 2. 
Step 2. Understanding Your Answers to the Financial Empowerment Roadmap Survey

Are you ready to interpret your results?  Use your answers in the first survey to complete the Financial Empowerment Roadmap Survey - KEY. Your answers will help you identify which parts of the YMYG toolkit would be most useful for you to review.  The system will automatically email you the results. 

Complete this survey as a Financial Empowerment Checkup as often as you like, but be sure to retake it at least once a year and after major financial events. 
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