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Become a Financial First Responder 

Would you like to better manage your finances? Learn how through our course. In this course, you will learn how to check your credit report, how to practice value based spending, and how to prioritize payments in tight situations. 

Take the course through Wix

To take the course through Wix, simply navigate to the 'training' section of the website, then find and start the Financial First Responder course. You will be able to join immediately. 

Take the course through Canvas 

To take the course on Canvas, send us an email at with the email you wish to use for the course (you should only be using one email for the entire course). This version of the course is more intuitive and has the same material as the course on Wix. Our interns will then add you to the course. HEADS UP: there have been issues reported with joining the course this way. 

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