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How much do you know about finances?

What is the last class you took on the topic? If it has been a while and you don't want to get out of the house, consider FDIC Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction. Get the financial training you wished you already had, in your own time. Money Smart provides education on topics like the basics of borrowing money wisely, using a spending plan to achieve financial goals, and using banking products effectively. The online series is a little like a board game, which makes it a little more fun :) 

Click below to get started. You will need to register for their site, which will allow you to save your work and receive certificates when you pass the test at the conclusion of each module.


The 11 Money Smart Training Modules for Adults

Bank on It
an introduction to bank services

Borrowing Basics
an introduction to credit

Check It Out
how to choose and keep a checking account

Money Matters
how to keep track of your money

Pay Yourself First
why you should save, save, save

Financial Recovery
how to recover financially and rebuild your credit after a financial setback

Keep It Safe
your rights as a consumer

To Your Credit
how your credit history will affect your credit future

Charge It Right
how to make a credit card work for you

Loan To Own
know what you're borrowing before you buy

Your Own Home
what home ownership is all about

Note: We propose substituting the “home ownership” module with First Time Home Ownership training in the community (must be HUD-approved, see list here). The rationale is that the quality of the education — given contact with real people and local agencies — is likely to be much more useful to our members. 

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