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Teach a workshop and transform your environment

By teaching a workshop, you learn the material twice: once to teach it and the second time from learning others’ perspective on the same issue. Conducting a workshop with people (your cousins count!) who promise to attend, on a topic they identify as useful, is just one of the many ways to make your environment a financially empowering place for others... not to mention that such a positive contribution demonstrates an essential leadership skill that is desirable in a professional setting. Excellent ‘Train the Trainer’ materials are available from these organizations:


Another way of transforming the environment is to find opportunities to enhance financial empowerment in an organization where you work, learn, pray, or receive services. For example, you can find relevant worksheets or booklets to leave in a waiting room, or propose a bagged lunch series to work through the CFPB Your Money, Your Goals (YMYG) tools that seem most relevant to your workplace. You don’t have to be the big boss to make big changes in most organizations — proposing a change during a staff meeting is often sufficient, especially if you explain how the change will help the organization meet its mission to serve clients, with little extra effort. Be creative and use the CFPB YMYG Implementation Guide, as it provides step by step instructions for proposing changes in organizations.

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